Welcome to The Cashmere Bouquet

A fragrance is wafting up from the west side of Fort Worth, Texas… The Cashmere Bouquet is the distinctive concept of an independent boutique within a store setting. It is located at booth 613/713 in The Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile, 7200 Camp Bowie Blvd. Co-artisans Marilyn Starnes, Shelly Miller, Tamra Novak, and Lisa Bratton chose the name because of the quality associated with cashmere and the eclectic variety of elements that make up a bouquet which results in a delight for the senses. These four women gravitate toward anything that connotes a bygone era when ladies were surrounded by femininity in all areas of life. Consequently, The Cashmere Bouquet is tastefully stuffed with vintage and new clothing, hats, purses, and lingerie; faux flower cakes yummy enough to make your mouth water; original jewelry designs that incorporate a mix of new and old objects; furniture and dishes that transport you to another time and place; and a plethora of gift items reminiscent of the past.

As some of the most beautiful and fragrant bouquets often consist of diverse flowers, so too, The Cashmere Bouquet not only carries a diverse collection of items, but was created by a diverse band of collectors: Marilyn Starnes, retired nurse and owner of Serendipity Lagniappe loves a good hunt and began an annual shopping trip to area flea markets with her daughter several years ago. It was these shopping trips and the passing down of heirlooms that caused her to appreciate antiques and see possessions from a lost era with new eyes. Shelly Miller, former medical assistant and businesswoman has always felt as if she was born in the wrong century. Inspired by her grandparents' photographs and stories of their past, she is constantly thinking of them as she searches for unique antiques and wonders what the original owners were like. Tamra Novak, Master Gardener and jewelry designer, has been wearing vintage jewelry in creative ways since her teen years. Now she travels the world looking for treasures for her jewelry line – A Touch of Vintage – featured at The Cashmere Bouquet. Lisa Bratton, event/wedding planner/floral designer and owner of The Mulberry Tree fell in love with antiques as a child when a family member gave her an authentic 1920s Coca Cola tray. Influenced by her grandmother's cache of family pass-downs she began creatively repurposing vintage clothing, furniture and accessories in grade school. Each of these ladies brings a distinct style to The Cashmere Bouquet which overlaps, layers and blends like voices in a chorus to form one harmonious look.

Visit their boutique in The Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile and go vintage with the girls!

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